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Bathroom Restorations FAQ

Whatever the bathroom restoration project, we can help, flooring, toilets, sinks and vanities, showers and tubs right down to the paint and accessories choose us for any job nothing is too big or too small. We also provide simple cost effective solutions for custom walk-in showers. We can’t wait to hear from you so call us now! Let us make your bathroom remodelling project a reality!

We are a family owned operation not a franchise so, we can use any product in our bathroom renovation project, as long as it holds up to our standards. Also, you as the customer are always dealing with the owners of the company which ensures proper installation and correct procedure. We always include you the customer in the process showing you all steps so you can see the progress and view your bathroom which allows you to see exactly what is going on. If for some unknown reason we need to visit on a second day we are more than happy to take the time it needs to get your bathroom completed properly. Many of the “one day bath renovation” companies use tub liners and 1 piece wall systems to save time on the job. We do not use those products we replace the tub with a brand new one and cut our walls individually and can still complete the job in one day with no shortcuts taken AND WE DO THE JOB FOR LESS $$ THAN THE OTHER GUY.

A few reasons actually. 1 If you look at a one piece systems there are in fact about 7 pieces. The only true one piece systems must be installed when the house is being built. The one piece only covers the back and side walls. The ceiling is added after. As well the sketch below will illustrate the difference between a 1 piece wall system vs. our 3 piece approach. It will also show the several added pieces that make a 1 piece wall system more like a 7 piece system and when we install a 3 piece wall system it is in fact 3 pieces as we advertize. The sketch will illustrate as well how a 1 piece system avoids silicone in the vertical corners of the back wall but have added silicone joints horizontally outside the tub at the height where water is more likely to gather.

Finally when a company measures out for a 1 piece wall system there are many many measurements that are needed to bend the wall into the correct position. If even one of these measurements are off by even the slightest fraction of a inch when the wall is installed it may not sit perfectly which gives way to the walls coming separated and creating rounded corners. With a 3 piece system all walls are custom cut on site to fit each wall independently ruling out any improper fitting walls. In most bathrooms at least one of the walls in your bath area is an exterior wall which can move with time and seasons. That will cause the walls to separate and crack as well. When a 3 piece system is used the silicone joints vertically on the back wall allow for that movement to take place without compromising the wall system. You do not have to search long online for proof of these things happening to people all over.

We are happy to work with any handyman to reduce cost of job. Although keep in mind we take all of the worry out of products in your bathroom. There are a few very important things to consider when attempting a do it yourself project.
1 Time it takes to complete. 2. The disruption in the house 3 How long can you live without the use of said bathroom? As most do it yourself jobs can take up to 2 or 3 months depending on whether work is done evenings and weekends. 4 If there are any problems after the installation are you prepared to fix. 5 Warranty issues and life of products will all be taken care of by Burns Bath.

If you paint or re glaze your tub there is very harsh chemicals used and need proper ventilation as the smell can take up to a week to clear your home. The glaze will eventually peel and crack. You will need to re glaze or paint within 2 – 5 years at best. There is very seldom any warranty and / or guarantee to the glazing or paint.

If a specialized trade is needed on your job we will hire the professional. Though we do most if not all of the work ourselves.

Yes we are covered by WSIB

Yes we are fully covered

Most of the time the answer is yes but we keep a high standard in quality of products we install. We take on the warranty of the item and will not install a product that we don’t believe will last the test of time.

For any renovation job the times will vary.
For any work in the enclosure most jobs only take one day to complete and one day to dry for minimal time without the use of shower or bath.
To build a bathroom from scratch it typically takes 2-3 weeks and anywhere between it really depends on the scale of work that is needed.

2 brothers James and Matt are the faces you will see the most if help is needed in any areas the workers will all be very close partners, though James and Matt are there through the whole process. No strangers being contracted for different trades. The tools are carried by us.

We have a few differences:
We always take out the old tub, dispose of it and install a brand new one.
We always change the abs, drain, p trap, and valve.
We use a 3 piece wall system rather than a 1 piece system which has many advantages any one of us will be happy to explain further.
We are not a franchise so are free to use any product of your choice.