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Tub To Shower Conversions

If you barely use your current bathtub, convert it into a beautiful, high quality shower that is easier to access, looks great, and lasts a lifetime.

Get more from your bathroom with a new shower! With Burns Bath Restorations tub to shower conversion services, we simply remove your bathtub and replace the tub-surround with a new, gorgeous, reliable shower. Our tub to shower conversions provide easy access for bathing.

Tubs can bring with them mobility issues, including an increased possibility of injury from slipping or tripping. Modern showers, on the other hand, have ease-of-use features like seats and sturdy handrails. Showers can also offer a number of fixture options, including water-saving showerheads. Learn how easily a tub to shower conversion can be completed in your bathroom.

Weather you need to change the tub or shower, Burns Bath Restorations has the right solution that can fit any budget. Have an easy to clean, beautiful new bath area or shower installed in less then a day. We provide a wide range of real glass doors and many other options. Ask us about about safety upgrades, barrier-free showers and more.

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tub to shower conversion

bathtub to shower conversion

How It Works

Let us walk you through how we perform the work so you know exactly how things are done.


We cover all areas with drop-cloths so floors don’t get damaged or dirty. Then we remove and dispose of the old tub, tiles, wall-surround, and anything else you’re having replaced. We inspect, correct and/or treat any issues or damage that may exist. Then we replace the drain, p-trap, valve and make sure all the plumbing aligns with the new installations.
We then install the new shower-base or tub, and test for leaks. The entire enclosure then has your choice of style of wall-system installed, as well as your choice of faucets and trim kits. If doors are needed, we offer several styles of glass shower and tub doors expertly installed.
The silicone is applied to prevent leakage and ensure long life and durability. Finally, we install any safety bars, soap dishes or other accessories that you have chosen.
When we are finished, we clean and vacuum everything so it looks like we were never there! After the silicone has had 24 hours to set and cure, you are ready to enjoy your new tub or shower.