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Walk-In Bathtubs

Nothing can be more relaxing then having a bath: it is more than getting clean, it relaxes the mind, soothes the muscles and makes you feel better about almost anything. For those whose mobility is poor, bathing makes the body feel lighter and allows it to move more freely.

Traditional bathtubs present a difficult situation for senior citizens or people with mobility issues. A walk-in bathtub can be an easy solution to the problem. Burns Bath Restorations can provide a high quality walk-in bathtub at an unbeatable price.

These special tubs, which typically have doors that open and close, appear at senior living centers and retirement communities across the world. If you’re worried about bathroom safety, consider installing a walk-in bathtub with Burns Bath Restorations.

Our wide range of selection of walk-in tubs means that we will get the right one specific to your needs. Our full-service packages includes everything: we take away the stress with our no hassle installation and, of course, the best price. Our commitment to quality means we will work with you and are fully committed to your safety needs.

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walk in bathtubs

How It Works

Let us walk you through how we perform the work so you know exactly how things are done.Burnsbath is a 100% honest and transparent family operation.

We begin by covering all areas with drop-cloths so that floors do not get damaged or dirty. We remove your old tub, tiles and wall-surround and then properly dispose of it. We inspect, correct and/or treat any damage that may exist. We replace the abs-drain, p-trap and valve every time.
The walk-in tub is installed. All walk-in tubs come equiped with a quick drain. They are also made in two pieces to avoid widening doors and increasing cost. After the tub, faucets and plumbing are installed and the tub is tested thoroughly.
The silicone is applied through a very methodical and professional process that ensures long life and durability. All support and safety bars are installed to exactly where they are needed, specific to your own personal needs, as well as any shelves and accessories.
We clean and vacuum everything so it looks like we were never there!  After the silicone has had 24 hours to set and cure, you are ready to enjoy the security, safety and accessibility of your new tub.